Angkor Wat

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To Phung Hiep, visitors will see thousands of small boats full of agricultural products from Western corners to form 1km long floating market. It's said to be a fruit-market of the Southern part and the market is cultural identity of the Mekong Delta.

Popular entertainment

Cambodia is considering as one of the free-night life countries in Asia, you can enjoy from traditional screening house to theater and a colorful night time until earlier morning and many type of...

Health and Vaccinations

It is advisable to visit your doctor or nearest vaccination centre to see what the required vaccinations are during your stay in Cambodia. Travel physicians may recommend you some of the listed...


Islam is the religion of a majority of the Cham (also called Khmer Islam) and Malay minorities in Cambodia.


Christianity, introduced into Cambodia by Roman Catholic missionaries in 1660, made little headway, at least among the Buddhists. In 1972 there were probably about 20,000 Christians in Cambodia, most...

Tribal religions

Highland tribal groups, most with their own local religious systems, probably number fewer than 100,000 persons.

Hospitals & Medical centers

We have included a list of some major hospitals and medical centers in Cambodia in case of emergency need. It seems that most of them do not currently have any website. If we were able to find one, we...