Angkor Wat

Popular entertainment

Cambodia is considering as one of the free-night life countries in Asia, you can enjoy from traditional screening house to theater and a colorful night time until earlier morning and many type of choices from Local preference to the most wanted.

Without experiencing one traditional Khmer dance show is considering as an uncompleted trip to Cambodia. Come to a confusion that traditional dance is only Apsara Dance performance, but there are many style of traditional dancing performance showing culture of the religion, the gently slow, and graceful style with their unique talents.

There are four popular traditional Khmer dances performance: [1] Classic Dance, [2] Shadow Puppets, [3] Lakhon (Drama Dance or Show), [4] Folk Dance.

Traditional Dance
Another extremely popular dance included most tradition dance performance in Siem Reap

Cinemas just re-born to Cambodia in 2000 with the support from Government of Cambodia to relive Cambodian film that used to be well-recognize in 1950s in Asia. With the ideas of promoting own film, Khmer movie is being again enjoy by young Cambodian in nation wide. From there, series of Khmer movie start reproduction and run on screen everyday and playing 3 turns per day. In just short while few cinemas start establishing like Kirirom Cinema, Lux Cinema, Soryia Cinema, vimean tip. What is the strangest on screening here is the cinema only playing one movie for a certain period of time until new come to replace. 

Movie House
There are very few movie houses in Phnom Penh, One is on the Sihanouk Blvd, named as MTV and DVD or VCD selection series is wide ranked with English Substitute. And another screening at French Cultural Center hosts french film. Expatriates and Cambodian enjoys TV, Cable TV at home with their own favorite newly launch movie from Russian Market than going out.

Night-Club & Disco
Colorful nightlife in Cambodia are hosting in different tastes from a private small club to the giant and large disco stage with DJ playing music hip-hop, rap, disco is always on the top of the selections and enjoyable by young local people. Two pubs are well-known in Phnom Penh- Rock and Spark, Siem Reap- Zone1 and Sok San, Sihanouk Ville- Blue Storm. On the other hand, Few disco clubs are still playing only classic music like Disco, Madison, Twists,......... named as Golden Town, Boss, Mohasal in Phnom Penh. 

Karaoke & Massage
Another preference of nightlife with small group and family mostly go to Karaoke (KTV) where private room will be served with multi-languages song selection in the list. Well-known place in Phnom Penh are Rock, X2, X.O, Soul, In Siem Reap, Xclusive Club, Sok San....... from the luxury room to the standard room catered full services from 8$/Hour to 250$/ Hour.

For traditional massage will cost you 5-6$ /Hour, relax free and re-wake the live with massage expertise who went through the training. Traditional massage now is mixing with some Chinese foot-massages, Indian, Thais, and Japanese. Still few places are offering real Cambodian massages.

Bar & Pub
Foreign pub are hosting most in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Sihanouk Ville. Bar & Pub is becoming the place of exchange travel experiences and make new friends with a class of beer. Some Bar & Pub accompanies by DJ, dance, joke, billiard and some travel galleries.