Angkor Wat

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To Phung Hiep, visitors will see thousands of small boats full of agricultural products from Western corners to form 1km long floating market. It's said to be a fruit-market of the Southern part and the market is cultural identity of the Mekong Delta.


Amok is a Cambodian curry which is steamed instead of boiled and is solid, but moist.

Restaurants in Cambodia

Rice and Fish are the main staple of the typical Cambodian diet though many dishes are prepared with beef, pork or chicken. Sea food is abundant in coastal areas with shrimps and crab among the...

Shopping in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the best shopping destinations of the world. Regarded as a shopper's paradise, Shopping in Cambodia  is the best thing you can do besides visiting the tourists' destinations.

Golf in Cambodia

Golf in Cambodia is a game of the class. Although it is a newly introduced game in this part of the world, Golf in Cambodia has earned it popularity at ease. With world class amenities, some of the...

Sports in Cambodia

You would never fall short of entertainment, Sports and Recreation in Cambodia . Swimming is one of the most favorite activities of the people of Cambodia. With lovely beaches all around you can...