Angkor Wat

Kompong Luong

The floating villages in Cambodia attract a great deal of attention from tourists visiting the Kingdom of Cambodia. Most of the floating villages come along the trekker's trail. Among the popular floating villages in Cambodia, Kompong Luong, one of the premier Cambodia Tourist Attractions is worth visiting. Kompong Luong in Cambodia is placed against the fascinating backdrop of the Great Lake. The location of Kompong Luong in Cambodia is also in close proximity to the bustling fishing ports of the Tonle Sap region.
Fish farming dominates the Kompong Luong in Cambodia. Besides its picturesque setup, Kompong Luong in Cambodia is well known for its wide variety of pottery wares. The specialty of the pottery wares lies in their authentic Cambodian style, which has been kept unchanged over centuries. Kompong Luong in Cambodia is the main producer and supplier of pottery items in Cambodia.

The waterways all around this floating village are similar to that of Venice. Kompong Luong in Cambodia comes alive on the water of the Great Lake. The position of the Kompong Luong in Cambodia changes with the ups and downs of the water level.

The floating houses will surely catch your eyes. It is indeed a great experience to watch the floating restaurants, petrol stations, convenience stores, garages and hospitals here and there.

For those who are interested in overnight stay in this floating village of Cambodia, arrangements can be made for meal and night stay on board. You can also purchase some of the pottery items for your personal collection.

If you are a shopaholic, you can go for shopping in the floating market of Kompong Luong of Cambodia. The veggie shops and handicraft stores will surely add to your pleasure.

At the end of your night halt in one of those floating houses in Kompong Luong at Cambodia, you can again start with your boat cruise to reach the gateway of the fabulous Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia.