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Kampong Cham

The province of Kampong Cham is placed in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The capital city of this province is also called Kampong Cham. This provincial capital is the third biggest city of Cambodia. The entire province of Kampong Cham is one of the most popular destinations in this legendary nation of southeastern Asia.
Kampong Cham is home to some of the well-known Cambodia tourist attractions . Nokor Bachey Temple is one of them. It is 2.2 kilometers away from the provincial town of Kampong Cham. This historical site houses four long buildings of ancient time. The first long building is adorned with eight dragons, six lions and two devils. The second long building preserves two spectacular carvings of Te Cho Dam din. The third long building is popular for its eight-hand sculpture of Preah Norey.

It also features a unique four-hand sculpture of Preah Norey. The peculiarities of the structure of the fourth long building distinguish it from all other edifices of Nokor Bachey Temple in Kampong Cham of Cambodia .

Among the other temples in the province of Kampong Cham in Cambodia, Prey Nor Kor Knong – Krov temple is worth mentioning. It stands towards the southeastern part of the Kampong Cham province in Cambodia. During the festive season, the Prey Nor Kor Knong – Krov temple and the nearby locality attract huge local crowd. Tourists visiting the place enjoy the local games and religious rites performed by the natives. The Prey Nor Kor Knong – Krov temple houses many other sub temples like Thum Temple and Preah Theat Temple. Once you are within this sacred site you cannot afford to miss the Preay Theat Pond, Koh An Det and the Kam Pheng Poat Chum Vinh or Tum Nup.

With its innumerable popular sites, Kampong Cham at Cambodia will surely add to your pleasure.